What's some of your fav vegan bands/artists?

I’ve been listening to 7 Generations recently, a hardcore vegan band and I have to say their style and mission fires me up! I just found this website that lists a whole bunch of vegan music groups, I had no idea there were so many.

Pep Love is one of my favorite vegan music artists, his flows speak of light, compassion, and wisdom that touches people’s minds and hearts. His message and vision are that of purity and transcendence. Shedding light in the darkest corners of the mind urging us to transcend the filth.

I’d be interested if anyone knows some good vegan bands, any kind of music, thanks!


rise against
chrissie hynde
white zombie

These are some of my favorite vegetarian songs.

MDC - 1. Chicken Squawk, 2. Tofu Spaghetti, 3. Tofutti, 4. Corporate Deathburger
Rudimentary Peni - 1. Flesh Crucifix, 2. Pig in a Blanket
Conflict - 1. Meat Means Murder, 2. This is the A.L.F.
Boogie Down Productions - Beef
Extreme Noise Terror - Murder
Propagandhi - 1. Nailing Descartes to the Wall/Meat is Still Murder, Purina Hall of Fame
NOFX - 1. You’re Wrong, 2. Franco Un-American
Culture Shock - Twenty Questions
Citizen Fish - Flesh and Blood
Crass - Sentiment (White Feathers)