What to do to prevent vitamin losses in food

To prevent losses of natural vitamins in food try to:

*cook vegetables and fruit on steam best,
*if you cook vegetables in water do it in little amount of it, which can be used for sauces or soups,
*prepare meals as late as possible before serving them,
*definitely choose frozen food when having frozen and canned food to choose,
*cook frozen food without defrosting,
*prepare salads from freshly cut vegetables, otherwise they lose vitamins B and C,
*use vessels made of stainless steel; cooking in copper pots make meals poorer in vitamin C, E and folic acid,
*always buy fresh products, especially vegetables and fruit - only such quantity which can be used within several days,
*store pod vegetables, pasta, rice, flour in dark containers because sun rays destroy contained in them vitamin B2,
*too long vegetable washing rinse out vitamins B and C, it is best to wash them using a brush in running water,
*keep food requiring cooling in a fridge (at constant temperature up to 4°C) to prevent its going bad. In case of frozen food it is best to keep it at temperature under -18°C. canned and dried food should be stored in a cool and dry place.