What makes us human?

Just being part of the human race isn’t enough. It could be anything.

1 genie or should I say 1% of genes that differ from the chimpanzee. :slight_smile:

Yes that is an interesting subject.
Let me state this another way. Somebody that drives a nice car and eats only fast food, they are human beings of course, and they might be capable of rational thought, but what is it that actually makes them human? Clearly they are not making good choices, or worse yet are just plain uninformed and/or self-righteously misinformed, yet all too often these inidividuals are instantly recognized as having mainstream values and as being mainstream in appearance. But we all know that is just being ordinary being taken to a new level.

Do you say that if someone eats fast food he is not human?

No in fact i state the opposite thing. :unamused: They are however, and without a doubt, suffering from malnutrition. The nutritional deficiencies and dangers of a empty calorie fastfood/junkfood diet, high in sugar, fats and chemicals, is well known and well documented.

First we have to understand what does it mean to be human. :slight_smile:
What the dictionary is saying?

And of course there is the wikipedia definition.

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Personally, what makes me human are the emotions. Without feelings, I am just a dust waiting to be blown away. From these feelings, pain is the greatest feeling that makes me human. This humbles me, reminds me of my imperfection.

Animals feel emotions too.

I think that compassion and abstract thinking is what makes us human.

Those variables that you have cited are open to wide interpretation. Animals are capable of compassionate behavior and animals communicate with one another even different species do this. And how does one concisely define abstract, after all pigs can play video games and enjoy doing so. Blind consumerism is hardly what i call abstract thinking, and living a dull ritualistic “by the numbers” existence is no excuse for intolerance and incourageous spoonfed apathy, and is no substitute for making rational decisions.

what makes us human? easy, the fact that among the species in this world, we are the only one who can actually take care of all of God’s creations. there!

for me, having a life with my family, friends, special someone and love one’s made me feel a true human…being in loved and beloved is a wonderful feeling that makes us feel complete…

The fact that we can think… that is what differentiates us from animals… That is what makes us HUMANS.

I think that our ability to act upon our rationality and not our emotions is what makes us human. We act according to what we think is right and not what we feel is right…

What make us human is the mere fact that we are a cognitive being. Able to express and feel emotions, able to love and able to decide and to amazing feats that no other living things can.

animals are very capable of cognition, and can express and feel emotions. anyone that’s owned a cat or a dog know that they are capable of love.

Well, we are very different from animals because we just not cognitive being…we are able make paradise or desasters of anything.Animals seem to be less destructive with their cognition and more open to contribute to this planet.However,we…humans suppose to have better
level and we do in some things if we are not blind(nothing to do with eyes).