What ingredients to avoid in soap?

When buying a vegan soap what ingredients should I avoid?

Also what brands of vegan soap are good?

always use a soap that is good for your skin
dove is an excellent choice for smooth and glowing skin
avoid shower and bath gels as they tend to be harmful to the skin
have a look at this thread that i found on globalthreads forum to get more information

That thread is quite strange.
I’m using mainly shower gels and never I had dry skin after using them.

Vegan soap and vegan skin care products cannot contain the following ingredients.

Lanolin- is a residue extracted from lamb’s wool. It is available in synthetic form, though may contain a percentage of animal lanolin and often causes comedogenic reactions, or allergies.

Milk- is a dairy animal product. So when you are want luxurious soap, include 3-5% jojoba oil with other base oils, instead of combining milk with lye. You can use natural fruit acids or glycolic acids, when desiring lactic acid properties. You can even use micronized soy protein or other plant protein, if you desire to add protein to skin care products

Emu Oil, Fish Oil, Mink Oil, & Honey- are extracted from animals. For example, fish oil is taken from the liver of codfish, sharks and other fish.

Refined Sugar- is refined through a process that makes use of animal bone char as a filter to remove the natural golden blond color from sugar. You should instead use unrefined sugar, raw sugar, or turbinado sugar.

Beeswax, Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly- are products of the animal labor or the bee. Instead of beeswax, use candelilla wax or carnauba wax.

Tallow- is an animal product or the processed solid fat cut from alongside beef or mutton/sheep kidneys. While making vegan soap, palm oil performs identically to tallow. Both tallow and palm oil have low iodine values to produce a harder bar of soap; both are made of oleic and palmitic fatty acids; both have similar SAP values; both produce a stable lather and both have similar INS point values.

Urea- is the sold component of mammal urine.

You can try making your own very vegan soap that is effective, fabulous, affordable, reliable, easy, fun, rewarding and worthwhile, by taking care to use vegan ingredients and using nothing from the list mentioned above.