What do vegans think about this?

What do vegans think about these quotes? By the way, most my friends are vegans so this post is not an attack on veganism. I just want to understand their opinion.

Rudolf Steiner said it technicolour.

Too bad about the Lama.

As a physician and vegan, as well as a graduate from Cornell U course on Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition, I believe that the Dali Lama has been misguided by his health care providers. To my knowledge there is no adverse affects between being a vegan and any type of liver disease including hepatitis. I also did a quick search of the medical literature and could find no evidence to suggest a problem. I hope this response is helpful
David A Goodman MD MPH

Surprised about the Dalai Lama. How can you be a boudhist and still eat meat - seems to go agaisnt all boudhist teachings, but I guess not since he is the boudhist Popeā€¦