Wendy here.

:smiley: Hello,

Wendy here. Any time you want to share a conversation about fine arts or Taoism, I’m all ears…or eyes. Salvador Dali is my hero. I’m looking forward to art school wherever I find it and becoming a vegan. I’ve been a vegetarian for about four years now. I’m working on becoming vegan- my main obstacle is cheese; I stopped consuming eggs and most dairy products before meat.

So I’m here to say, “Hello!”

Hello! :slight_smile: Art college sounds so cool :unamused: I found I saved a lot of cash by going veggie at Uni (though I didn’t go completely vegetarian for a long time - Cheese is indeed a work of evil), so it’s a smart move.

Actually, have you ever been to / read much about the Bauhaus? I believe one of the artists there got the students to cook chickens using light bulbs… Well, art students are notoriously poor! Not much good if you’re vegan :angry7: The same principle could be applied to tofu?

What do you like about Taoism - are you Buddhist?

I was introduced to Taoism during an English class. We discussed a little Buddhism here and a little Confucianism here. Then, one day this summer I pick up a copy of the Tao of pooh and I fell in love. I just began reading the Tao Te Ching not too long ago.

It’s all very enlightening. First I was really into Confucianism, later on Buddhism intrigued me. Taoism is basically the two bought together so I had no doubt getting into it.