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Virunga National Park is Africa’s Oldest Park,, are three websites that I follow for new recipes.

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Photo Ark

Save the Vaquita

“YUCK!” – :cat:

80% of marine debris that impacts ocean life is caused by plastics.

Please help fund this global cleanup effort. Buy a bracelet.

Check out:

Flying Vulture
International Vulture Awareness Day

“GLYPHOSATE (The world’s most controversial weedkiller) is used to dry out crops just before they are harvested. This is called dessication or pre-harvest spraying. It is one of the main reasons for glyphosate ending up in the food you eat. Pre-harvest spraying is used on oats, wheat, barley and many pulses both conventional and GMO crops.” – Sustainabe Pulse

Hi all just to introduce the 1st vegan safari company in Botswana -

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