Want to be a vegan - hate vegetables and new food

I’m a 14-year-old Swedish girl who’s a vegetarian. But I want to go a step further! I would love to be a vegan. Or would I?
I’m autistic, so I find eating new food really frightening and sickening. I’m hypersensitive to flavour and consistency.
I loathe vegetables, especially beans and such. I get special food at school. I feed on pancakes and pasta.
I can’t eat sauces or mixed food.

Every time I eat something containing dairy products, I get feelings of guilt.
I don’t want to eat or drink things from the animal kingdom.

Vegetables really give me anxiety.

What on Earth am I going to do?
Vegetarism doesn’t feel enough.

Firstly you have to set up your mind that you really want to be a vegan or not.you also consult specialist for your problem of frightening and anxiety towards vegetables.why you feel guilt when you take dairy products you have to change your mentality towards your food habits. i surely believe that you take a proper decision about your food habits and become a vegan.

Vegetables taste good, even my 2 years old daughter love to munch raw carrots. Try to taste a vegetable or two in a day and soon it will get in your system. My husband also hates vegetable but everytime he eats with me, he is tempt to taste even a piece then later on he will like it. Try it girl :slight_smile:you have nothing to lose in trying :smiley: Sometimes it’s only in the mind…

Hi Withdrawn - I also used to hate vegetables, but I found that my tastes changed as I got older, and once I became vegan. Maybe you could experiment with vegan alternatives to your favourite foods, instead of changing your diet completely? Making vegan pasta dishes is really easy - if you don’t like sauces, add in a few cherry tomatoes and gently cook until they go soft, then maybe add some olive oil or basil if you want to try… :slight_smile:

I agree with healthhutt and meign, it would be good to try and face the anxiety. I understand that it is hard if you’re autistic. Even if you don’t become vegan, your health will suffer if you don’t eat vegetables!

It can seem intimidating to become Vegan, but have faith that there are vegan recipes you will love, you just aren’t aware of them yet! I have this article posted on my fridge, I find it very resourceful, just for ideas and grocery shopping. This site also has delicious recipes for you to check out, I’m currently OBSESSED with their vegan chili & ginger quinoa muffins. (All at Four Green Steps website. I’m too new to this forum to post a link,lol…)

I love vegan recipes. They are really healthy. vegan chili & ginger quinoa muffins??? seems new to my ears… hope my tongue would love it too… can i have a recipe of this so I can try it??? :slight_smile:

try eating seitan:smiley: these are from wheat and has little in common with flour or bread. It is surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute. Tofu is also fun to eat, as well as tempeh.

First, autistic people would be better off staying away from sugar and grains. Keeping your blood sugar levels steady is vital to your overall health. Eating a diet of pancakes and pasta isn’t ideal for anyone. There are virtually no nutrients in either of those foods and certainly no live enzymes. Since you loathe vegetables, you can make delicious veggie smoothies. Be sure to add in concentrated micro-nutrients. Use Stevia as your sweetener and limit the amount of fructose you add to your diet. I know several parents that put their autistic children on a plant-based concentrated micro-nutrient diet and had great success with it.

What is Stevia? Where is it available?

It is a natural sugar substitute similar to Truvia or Splenda. You may be able to find them in the same section of your grocery store that sells those items, near the sugar.

Natural food stores are familiar with Stevia.

Thanks Randy… hope i might use this in sweetened garbanzos or beans with lots of pandan… yum!