Vitamins and immune system

I’ve read on that certain vitamins could suppress the immune system.
Couldn’t find anything about this on the web.
Anyone knows which vitamins and how can decrease the immunity?

The best and by far the most important is Vitamin C and then vitamin D for protecting against skin infections.

Vitamin C boosts our immunity levels and fights against all kinds of bacteria and virus to keep our body protected .We must have one tablet daily

Apart from giving the benefits of vitamin C, this site also mentions the importance of other vitamins too.

mediinfoguy, I know that vitamins are usually good for immunity.
What I was asking is are there vitamins that can damage the human immunity system?

There is currently no definitive cure for herpes nerves, several daily supplements of vitamins A, B and C can reduce the frequency of herpes outbreaks and decrease the severity of herpes symptoms.