Veggie Webmasters needed.

To all Veggie Webmasters.

Please reply to this message with your full name, Contact information and a list of web sites developed by you.

Also include information if you have a desire to do some freelance work.

Thanks for your support.

web 3D service

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I am not a webmaster but I am a freelance writer. What sort of freelance work did you have in mind?

I am alsoo a newbie to the vegtarian world.
I have been eating vegetarian for about a month.
Carol :slight_smile:

We have several projects. Some of them are related to vegetarianism. Some are pure business projects.

i have a little background programming experience and i have a serious interest in veg*n issues and curent topics. email me ASAP as it seems possible that maybe i can fill a need to help you with your projects.

Name: Daniel K Marchelak
Email: -made by me, hehe
Status: Webmaster

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