Vegan quick Cooking Tips

  • Even though recipes don’t say VEGAN before every ingredient, it is, of course, assumed as such…
    • When cooking Use ONLY soy milk with just water and soybeans on the label.
    • Never use a whipped, tub margarine in place of stick margarine or shortning! Tubs are mostly air and water and will alter the recipe dramatically!
    • I strongly recommend using frontier brand, beefy broth powder. It is very mild and won’t over power any recipe. (Unless you have tried others and know what you prefer…)
    • As in all cooking, one should alter recipes for personal tastes, and things such as sodium levels…
    • Use the freshest ingredients and spices.
    • It is assumed here that anyone reading these will know the basics of cooking… how to thicken a soup, how to knead bread, t = teaspoon, T = Tablespoon… Test for doneness! (cooking times vary!)

hay,your tips are very informative.
really thanks for share that with us.