Vegan Nutrition Tracker

So I have updated our vegan nutrients DB.
Now you can compare food and filter it by processing type.
I have also added info about saturated fat, omega3 and omega 6.

There is also the possibility to compare food nutrients per 100 kcal instead of 100 grams. This is very useful when trying to lose weight.

If you have questions how to use the app please write them here.

Added a new way to share nutrient comparison charts like this:

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Thanks, I tried bottled water vs convolvulus water (recommended term)—wait, what? :book: Ah so that doesn’t read the same backwards and forwards (it’s just water convolvulus, unlike water, bottled)…

Thanks Expialidocious, this comparison indeed has some problems I will see what I can do. :slight_smile:
The DB comes in the form “water, bottled” btw.

I have updated the app.
On the home screen there is a nutrients calculator which works with a list of foods.

I have changed the name of the app to Vegan Nutrition Tracker.
It now can calculate all the nutrients in a list of foods like a recipe or a meal plan.