Use Cable Access To Advocate Animal Rights

A great way to advocate for farmed animals that’s really catching on is to show animal rights videos on cable (community) access TV stations. If you or your close relatives (such as your parents or children) live in a town that has a cable-access TV station, it doesn’t cost anything to air pro-animal videos such as “Meet Your Meat” and “Chew On This.” Cable-access stations belong to the community and are there for community members like you to show what you want. PETA has two outstanding new compilations made specifically for cable access, and we’d be delighted to send you copies. Activists in cities all over the country are already showing these videos to hundreds of thousands of people each week. If you’re interested in getting this terrific project up and running in your community, please read more and then e-mail us at—we will send you everything you need. Showing videos on cable-access TV is one of the most effective ways we know of that you can make a huge difference for farmed animals without using up all of your activist time.