Theisis statement about Vegetarianism

I need some help… :slight_smile: I am writing my research paper on the culture of vegetarianism. I am having some problems starting my thesis statement. Could someone give me some ideas? Pleeeasssee :smiley:

You can go to and read their “Why Vegan” and you’ll find many good ideas.

What is a thesis statment, and how do I eat them?

What’s the main point you’re trying to get across about vegetarianism? Since you’re here, likely it’s positive :slight_smile: Is the purpose trying to dispell myths that we’re all out there beating up old ladies wearing fur coats (and the like). Try getting a lose idea of the thesis, then writing the paper, then actually writing down the thesis. It makes it a lot easier.

Hmm… Since Nickoli is a guest he will not receive a message regardin any answer - so we have to continue this topic ourselves. :confused:

                                                                                             Hi Nickoli, One might avoid the consumtion of animal matter for the same reasons spiritual minded persons do....(besides all the well known reasons), if one involves oneself with animal products...even mixes his or her spirit with the dead animal's spirit ...still present in the flesh or the skin. One must avoid this contamination to press to purity and not further harm one's self. Best of fortune, ak

Was it a myth? :astonished:
Shit, and I just started to be proud I’m a vegetarian.
What a disappointment… :blackeye: