The reason why there is no such thing as a vegan

Hi, if you have ever used any of these products you are not a vegan.

All of these products come from cattle
From the top!
Brain: Anti-aging cream, Medicines

Hooves/Horns: Adhesives, plastics, pet food, plant food, photo film, shampoo and conditioner, lamination, wallpaper, plywood

Blood: Posta, imitation eggs, cake mixes, dyes and inks, adhesives, minerals, medicines, lab research materials

Bones: Refined sugar, charcoal, fertilizer, glass

Internal organs: Instrumental strings, tennis racquet string, hormones, enzymes, vitamins and other medical materials

Milk: Adhesives, plastics, cosmetics, medicines

Hair: air filters, brushes, felt, insulation, plaster, textiles

Skin: Gelatin, flavorings, sheetrock, wallpaper, adhesives, medicines, candies and confectionary
Manure: fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorous

Fat: Chewing gum, candles, detergents, fabric softener, deoderant, shaving cream, perfume, petfood, cosmetics, creams and lotions, crayons, paint, oils and lubraicants, biodiesel, plastics, waterproofing agents, cement, chalk, explosives, fireworks, matches, fertilizer, antifreeze, insulation, linoleum, rubber, textiles, medicines

I’m sorry to inform you but you don’t know what a vegan is. It must be really awful to go through life and be using the wrong words at the wrong times. Especially on forums where you try to look smart, inspire hatred, exact a little vengeance, and turn out to just look like a silly meat eating hater.

A vegan is someone who does their very best to eliminate as much animal suffering as possible from their lives. This starts out with eliminating meat, eggs, milk and dairy. It continues with getting rid of gelatin, rennet, leather, suede, and wool. Then it changes how you talk to people. You approach them with love and kindness and change how you say things. You realize that pet stores sell slaves not pets. Then you approach people as humans that are just animals, equal to all others. You realize we are all fallible, all can learn from each other. Every time you learn that something includes suffering you do your best to cut it out of your diet and work towards it.

Also only 50% of refined sugar is from cows. Get your facts straight before you go on a hatred rant. <3

Aww do vegans really do their “very best”. What a vague and largely useless definition of veganism.
I’m sorry if I upset you, maybe you should go and lie down on your bet. BUT WAIT! What’s holding those planks together…Yep, you guessed it, glue AKA:Cow hooves and horns.

Hey how about you listen to some nice classical music instead? Oh crap never mind, the strings are pretty much just cow guts…bummer.

Look, even just sitting in the comfort of my own home can calm me down sometimes maybe you should try it yourself…oh damn.
That insulation in your walls…cow hair.

I know you might be getting stressed right now so maybe go and see a doctor DAMN IT! Medicinal research uses animals every day.

Well sorry, I just can’t help you pal. But thanks for letting me know that only 50% of Refined sugar is from cows. Now for every 2 grains of refined sugar you eat you’re eating a bit of a cows skull, awesome.

Oh and by the way, here’s a definition of veganism that actually holds water “Lifestyle choice which excludes the consumption and use of animal flesh and by-products”

major pile of fail.

Thanks, if I knew how to upload images to this site like you do that would have saved me a lot of time and sore fingers.

obviously you don’t know what a vegan is, i find the semi-literate oafish nonsense you spew here mildly amusing. :unamused:

Roll your eyes and call names all you will, the definition of a vegan is: A person who does not consume, use or eat any animal products.

Using this definition (please feel free to share your own), many people who claim to be vegans are not, in fact, vegans at all.

I am also slightly amused by the fact that in the same sentence you call me “semi-literate” you fail to begin said sentence with a capital letter, an aspect of literacy taught to most first grade students. Hypocrisy at its finest.

i’m new to this forum. so forgive me if this has been addressed already.

AdamD, why did you join a forum that you obviously have no interest in…except to debate people on their lifestyle choices or possibly to be a “flamer” ??? were you one of those whiny nerdy kids in school that had to prove people wrong all the time? are you that bored in life?

You’re forgiven daraalt.

I clearly have interest in the topic of Veganism I just haven’t chosen it to be part of my lifestyle and it confuses me why anyone would. Therein lies my interest, I am on a quest to not only find a real vegan but to get a logical set of reasons behind their lifestyle.

more semi-literate retarded spew, your “bubbleboy” diplomacy here is comical and absurd. you are relying upon your rather moronic and foolish/singular definition for being vegan and veganism. there are other defintions. veganism is an ethical and logical choice to reduce suffering whenever and wherever possible.

from : … opic=15882

Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose.

Animals such as most humans, who are able to consciously and freely choose - as far as possible and practical - a plant-based diet and other lifestyle factors, can be vegan.

Animals who cannot consciously and freely choose their diet and lifestyle, do not have the same ethical responsibility as we animals who can.

So there are two key factors here. (1) The capacity in principle to choose. (2) The practicality and possibility of the choice.

and daraalt i would hardly call this childish moronic spew competent debate.

Yes, please continue to change your definition of vegan to fit your argument.

Who knows, perhaps in a decade everyone will be a ‘vegan’, I bet there will still be a thriving meat industry anyway if you keep on changing the meaning of the word.

i have changed nothing adam, you are just a lowbow narrowminded dronomatic troll, willfully ignorant of the truth behind the sadistic cruelty and horrific, brutal , barbaric suffering that goes into eating the flesh of tortured and dead non-human animals. you don’t have the commonsense or the courage to go vegan, why you spew your idiotic nonsense here is anybodys guess.

Yet another reason why I don’t like labeling myself as a vegan. You can call me whatever you like, it really doesn’t matter. I was a “vegan” before I knew of that word. Arguing over the subject is a waste of time.

Fair call philosopher, this idea of not labeling yourself as a vegan but rather just subscribing to that way of life makes a fair bit of sense.

Calling me a “lowbow narrowminded dronomatic troll, willfully ignorant of the truth behind the sadistic cruelty and horrific, brutal , barbaric suffering that goes into eating the flesh of tortured and dead non-human animals” simply because I don’t agree with your life choice and that I am confident enough to say it here… nice. Out of politeness if nothing else please try and keep the insults to a minimum dragonfly, it dilutes any arguments you make to the extent they just seem like rage induced drivel.

Also what on Earth does dronomatic mean hahaha :faroah: .

We are doing everything to the best of our knowledge to respect animals, to respect our bodies and to respect the environment.

It’s easy to stand there and criticise, and try to ‘catch us out’, but the question is, what are you doing?

It might be worthwhile watching this film to better understand why we want to call ourselves vegans, and why we do everything we can to the best of our knowledge to live by this title. After all ‘Vegan’ is just a word to describe a way of living, it’s not the title that is important, it’s what we choose to do to try and benefit the lives of animals, ourselves and the environment.

Hope this helps you to better understand why we choose this lifestyle, and why you should not try to undermine our best efforts to live by this.

lol. you are incapable of independent thought, have no critical thinking skills, and couldn’t think yer way outta’ a brown paper bag. oh and only capable of pointless, immaterial “troll-spew” and childish “cheaper by the dozen” commentary. :laughing5: :angry8:

Yet you’re still the one calling me childish names, funny that.

Also, you still haven’t elaborated on what “dronomatic” means. It’s not really that important but please feel free to enlighten us lesser beings to your amazing linguistic makery uppery skills.

your dullard/bigotted speciesist drivel is of no concern to me, your trashy gradeschool hypothoses and childish, mindless sloganeering is of little consequence. grow a pair today. :angry8: :angel9: :angry8:


I do not know any Vegan who will claim to have completely eliminated animal products from their lives. The definition you are quoting is vague and misleading. Vegans simply try their best to reduce the amount of suffering onto another being. I am agreeing with you, there IS no such thing as a true vegan, but please give us the same respect as I did agreeing with your petty arguments, and do not mock us because of the fact that we are merely human and make mistakes. Vegans do not yet have control over the suffering, pain and greif caused while harvesting these things that you have listed that go into just about every product available. But as Vegans, our goal is to one by one eliminate this.

From one person to another, I would strongly encourage you to educate yourself further on this subject. There is certainly no lack in studies, information and evidence supporting our life style. If I had one thing to suggest for you to learn more is to watch the Earthlings video (you can find it if you google search Earthlings, I cannot post the link on here or someone else posted a link to it above if you are interested). The information may surprise you. The only thing you have to lose is a small amount of your time.

Thank you for respecting our decisions and opinions, and not tormenting more people on this site (we use this site to collaberate together, not argue with meat eaters). Have a wonderful day. :slight_smile:

Thanks Adam for the information sharing.
There is still a lot of awareness missing where do some things originate from. Sure, there are products, items that do have vegan alternatives.
That is what I stand for also: that we keep learning and practice our lifestyle knowing what is what.

The more people will go veg just in their food+cloth choices, the faster companies will provide alternatives to the animal byproducts. Once people do not eat meat and milk, companies would not keep animals just for the byproducts their bodies are providing.

Thanks again for raising such an important question.