The feet's size

does anyone care your feet’s size?

i do. throught my observing, i found that my feet are very short, even shorter than the ones who are shorter in stature, i got very inferiority. my feet’s size is near 25cm( 9.84 inches ), what is yours?

LOL! :laughing: OMG, we have the same size feet!

I used to feel really self conscious that they were too big :wink: I couldn’t get girls’ shoes in my size :cry: But now it’s not so bad - I bought some killer heels at the weekend :smiley:

You are talking about feet, right? :unamused: 10inches is… OK… :thumbright:

I also have a hard time getting shoes for me and also my sister, our feet are not just long (mine is 10 inches, my sister’s is 12 inches) but also wide… It’s alright;)