The case of the sickly vegan

Before I say anything I have to point out I am vegan. This isn’t a non vegan making a troll post.

So, tell me true: do you know any of those “pale, weak, sickly” vegans people talk about? Are you one?

I ask this because I’ve heard on online forums so many times that a person “Has only ever met pale, weak sickly vegans” and it makes me wonder.

Here in Spain I have never, ever met a vegan that fit that description. My girlfriend is the most energetic person I know, and vegan. I’m more laid back but anyone can say I look healthy. And I’ve met lots of vegans; speaking in very general terms they seemed healthier than non vegans. More shine or glow in their skin and eyes. Happier, lighter dispositions. Thinner. (Healthily so).

Having heard about so many sickly vegans I’ve come to two possible conclusions:

1 (more probable): people see what they expect, or want to see.

2: maybe, for some reason, vegans in other places than Spain do something differently, and get sick.

Your thoughts?

The vegans I have met are typically the most vibrant, healthiest people I have seen. The pale, weak, sickly people I meet are typically like that because they - don’t get much sun, don’t exercise much and don’t eat well consistently. I guess that sounds rather obvious.
I believe it is safe to say that the greatest percentage, hence number of weak and sickly people would be non vegan. In terms of the pale part I could not say.