Strawberry Martini

Serves 4

10 strawberries
Juice from one lemon
Juice from one lime
2 tbsp Kombucha Gold Essence – *see note below
2 tbsp raw agave
2 cups ionized water (or spring water if you do not have an ionizer)
8 coconut water or juice ice cubes – fill up your ice trays with your coconut juice or water
Blend all ingredients, pour in martini glass and enjoy! You can leave out the ice cubes when blending and serve over ice if you prefer.

*Kombucha is a fermented natural brew of tea and probiotic cultures. Its useful probiotic substances are vital ingredients for maintaining a healthy, balanced and well-functioning body.

Kombucha Gold Essence is an authentic probiotic dietary supplement. It contains four times more probiotic substances than regular kombucha tea. Kombucha Gold Essence is produced in a certified facility, using only organic, pesticide-free, high-quality ingredients and gentle technology (no machines). When used daily, Kombucha Gold Essence aids in digestion, detoxification and in replenishing our essential nutrients.

Kombucha Gold Essence is used:

• To enhance the detoxification process
• To maintain a healthy immune system
• To balance out the body’s natural pH system the natural, healthy way
• To replenish vital amino-acid enzymes and other organic substances which are not present in our modern diet
• To heal better, think better and live better … er&list=UL