Strawberry Fruit Shake?

Strawberry Fruit Shake?
Well i have made this shake many times and i am crazy of taking it and i have been looking for some recipes and i have this one
Following are the ingredients

  1. Milk 1/2 kg
  2. Strawberries 1/2 kg
  3. Cream 4 spoons
  4. Sugar three spoons
  5. Ice cubes
    This is the simple recipe of strawberry fruit shake and it is one of the easiest one

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Yummy! I will try your recipe later… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the recipe Mark!!! I will surly try for it. :slight_smile:

that really gives lots of benefits to health, sound very tasty and yummy

wow! sounds delicious.
thanks for share that with us.and i will try your recipe later.