Stop Red Chilli Restaurants Serving Shark Fin

FACTS - Shark finning
Removal and retention of shark fins
Discarding carcass at sea
Shark often still alive when tossed back to water
Left unable to swim the shark slowly sinks to bottom of sea
Its eaten alive by other fish or bleeds to death
100 Million sharks killed each year for their fins!

Its a multi-billion dollar industry…and all for a bowl of soup!!
If we stop restaurants serving shark fins, then we stop the demand.
when the buying stops, the killing will too - Wild Aid Campaigne

Red Chilli Restaurants in the UK Serve a range of Shark Fin dishes. Lets put pressure on them to take it off their menu, thus reducing the demand for shark fins in the UK.

PLEASE SIGN on the petitionsite and search red chilli

I think this is a good intentioned post - but I think it misses the mark and accidentally gives a bad impression.

You’re telling us to sign a petition to have shark stop being served - but in doing that we’re saying we’re okay with everything else the restaurant serves. I looked at their menu and they serve many other animals.

If they stop serving shark will you eat their chickens, pigs, fish, and other animals that were killed in equally horrible ways and suffered in equally horrible ways? If so, then why are you opposed to the shark killing? Because of the money, the in your face violence, the exoticness and specialness of sharks? If not, why not boycott the entire restaurant for the sake of all animals?

It’s important that we just don’t sign petitions to feel like we’re doing something good and actually research it. While we may save sharks we further entrench the values that condemn all other animals and I know that’s not your intention.

I think the op is outraged primarily because the sharks aren’t killed right away; they’re left to suffer a good deal until their own deaths via being eaten alive or bleeding to death. Other food animals are killed quickly, I would imagine, though I do understand that there is a l.ot of suffering in the meat packing industry.