Shout out from... where ever it is that I am.

Hi there! My name is April, you can also call me Crow. I’ll answer to pretty much anything.

I started the vegan diet in April of this year, after being a vegetarian since 2005. It was quite a change and is still quite a challenge to figure it all out… as I was never much of a cook… If I had realized there would be so much cooking initially - I may not have made the leap! Anyway… it started out as “Oh, I think I’ll just be vegan for a little while… like a trial run.” Here I am more than half a year later still vegan and enjoying it! Its opened a lot of new food options to me and the same old stuff just doesn’t taste as good any more :slight_smile:

Everyone always asks - “Why did you do it?” When I started it was because my significant other was a pizza driver. He brought home pizza like, every freaking night… and I ATE It… and loved it. Every night! I’ve always been a plus sized girl, but even if I had been a healthy normal weight - there is just something not good about eating pizza every day. I somehow didn’t have the strength to say “No, I will NOT eat pizza.” I did have the strength to say “No, I will NOT eat cheese, milk, or eggs.” It has worked out wonders for me - I’m currently 30 pounds lighter than I was when i started… which is less than I weighed when I was 15. I’m pretty proud of myself. A little bit more I’ll even be considered average weight :slight_smile:

I stopped eating meat for other reasons, animal cruelty and all that other funky stuff that is in food. So my health and animal love are at the top of the list.

Some of the hardest parts about being vegan is that my s/o is still only vegetarian, and while he is lactose intolerant he still partakes in food with cheese on/in it. Its sometimes really difficult to make him something and not be able to eat it. I once tossed cheese in my mouth without a second thought! I was so used to being able to do it the last 20 odd years of my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a cat lady. I’ve got 5. They’re a big part of my life as pathetic as that might sound :stuck_out_tongue: They are not vegan however, and never will be.

Anyway I came here to get new recipe ideas but also some feedback on nutrition and eating right. Hopefully I’ll find what I’m looking for!

Bye for now!

Hello there and welcome!!! Hope you’ll find what you are looking for!!! :smiley: