Although all slaughter is unpleasant, religious slaughter i.e. halal/kosher is totally barbaric, cruel and twisted. We have set up an on-line petition to have this outlawed in the UK. We need to achieve 100,000 signatures before David Cameron will discuss it in parliament. Could we please ask all of you to sign the petition and to pass it on to friends and family. Many thanks. I will post the link on here soon.

great idea.

I did some asking about this with the major veggie charities & groups but most do not want to touch this at all.
The issue is the back lash from the Muslim communities in the UK. It could be taken as being racists & may cause friction.

I agree its totally barbaric & stupid & some vegans do not like buying any products with the words halal or kosher even if they are vegan.

Its something that should be stopped & I can’t believe some people follow this religious clap trap.

Slowly halal meat is moving into the UK meat supply. Its got into schools & served to all the kids as its easier than having 2 different supplies.


Whats the difference between religious slaughter and nonreligious slaughter?

Andy have a look at the go petitions . com look under ban religious slaughter in the uk this will give you some info, another one is the facebook group ban halal/kosher slaughter in the _uk. Tried to post the links but it wouldnt let me.

This man only post 2 message and it’s about religious slaughter. there is no difference between religious slaughter and non-religious slaughter. now i know i am just the same, this is my first post ,and socialist is written in my nickname. but don’t get your cause hijacked by the racist. it is just as inhumane.