Real Estate

Its about the same as the last 3 months, no major chance, roughly 60 homes available in Berkeley for under a million dollars or 1000k or less

Under a million dollars or a 1000k or less you say?

32 sold last month for a million or less
Lowest was listed at $399k and sold for 468k
Lowest selling house in Berkeley in the last month
Next up is 567k

People are stupid to pay those prices…

No they arent, they have the money, they want a nice house
People who have that money are smart

andergam, must have been a shack

timatyson, heh, 1m in cali is not a NICE house.
For 1m, ill build in another state and have a mansion.
Not a 2 bedroom shit hole

Partmann, complete with a moat

Im sure andergam can build you a nice place for a million

Antonio Marare, dude… i’d so have a moat…

And a few dragons

Why don’t you go and buy yourself some serfs for that matter.

Check out Shaq’s house: