Question for you.

There are several bigger vegetarian bulletin boards on the web, don’t you think it would be better to help out one of them than to start your own? This one is slow, why not work on sending people to a bigger community where they could meet more people?

VMB is run by a fascist bozo.
Many people have been banned at Vegsource. Besides the threaded format is for the birds.
VegWeb’s boards are overrun by meaties. You know… “open-minded.” “Veggie.” Makes we want to cry. :confused:
Meaties don’t have real opinions in case you haven’t noticed… they just like to spam.
Oh yeah Veggieboards. That place is a joke as is Michael and his invisible brain on dead crew of laugh a minute moderators. They don’t seem to get it. Duh! The level of wanna be angst driven stupidity there is truly amazing. Nobody can be that incompetent.
Veggie newsgroups seem flatter than a pancake.
Stop hallucinating friend.

Please ignore Dragonfly. As Hank Hill would say, “That boy ain’t right.”

The folks at Veggieboards are rather nice, and an interesting group. I am a moderator there, and you will find the site admin to be helpful with setting up other veg contacts.

Oh, and DF, you best get them hot pants on and…go out and get my papers! 8)

You are a moderator there… that says it all!! moderator puh-leeze! :laughing:

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. You are just mad because you were banned when you attacked me with racial slurs.

S’okay. We forgive and forget. If you asked nicely, you would be allowed to rejoin.

Me?! Post on that fascist bozo run board?? You must be insane. i don’t converse with brain on dead social rejects and their mentally challenged friends. Puh-leeze!

Brain dead social rejects? Dude, let the images from the last family reunion go.

You don’t have issues - you have the whole subscription.

Gee you’re sure full of good advice. i hope you know where to stick it. Go back to your sissified fascist bozo board. Puh-leeze.

I think I found DF’s home page!

Uh huh. No wonder you’re a moderator at Veggieboards. You definitely belong there.

Dang, man. I tried to be nice in the past and I welcome you back with open arms. What more could you ask for?

You know what to do.

Damn. I treat you nice and you get all crazy-cracker like on me? - C’mon. :wink: - I double dog dare you!

My bad…second link was wrong.

i have better things to do, in case you were wondering. And thanks for pointing out the painfully obvious, that you are a narrow minded and hypocritical racist. But you already knew that.

As for the links, VeggieBoards is a toilet bowl as is Frankies gun/nutjob board. And his “i call 'em as i see them” moderating skills leave alot to be desired.

I try to be nice and you resort to insults. sigh

BTW, you are the one that called me an “Oreo”. Others saw it, no matter how much you deny it.

S’okay though. I still try to be nice to you.

Please do not insult my friends any further. If you do, you know I shall make you look like a fool.

Damn! Why you getting all crazy-cookie on me?

i try to tell the truth and look what happens!

Now…Go crawl back into the sewer.

What? If I don’t leave, are you going to start using racial slurs again?

Stoppit 'lil moderator boy. You are ignorant. Plain and simple. No, i don’t feel sorry for you because you are black… and from all appearances semi-retarded.

i have not used any racial slurs, though you sure have.

If i had called you an Uncle Tom, Jim Crow, a chocolate chip, a jigaboo, then you might have room to complain. Even so, are these racial slurs? After all blacks often call each other nigga’.

However that is not the case. i have not called you anything. However you are stupid and ignorant. i will give you that.

Now be gone you lazy selfish ignorant sissyfied slob.

You know what to do.

Wait. You are the homeless dude livin’ in a van “down by the river”, and I’m the one that is semi-retarded? LMAO! 8)

I have not used any racial slurs - I have no need to do so. You called me an “oreo”, and then you put forth a list of rather disparaging slurs for African-Americans. I think we can all see the racist in this thread.

“You know what to do.” What? Give you a dollar the next time you clean my windshield at a stoplight? :laughing: