Professional teeth whitening

Hi everyone,
Professional teeth whitening by a dentist is considered to be the most effective method. The dentist does raise fear in people; this all started during childhood and has stayed with people into adulthood. Using a professional dentist to whiten teeth for some people is not cost effective. The cost of getting this procedure done is out of reach for many. According to recent studies dentists will not recommend products but they all agree on one basic fact, using over the counter products will whiten teeth if used properly. Any comments or suggestions regarding teeth whiting is mostly well come.

Robin Hood

I haven’t heard of many home remedies. The only ones I know are brushing with lemon juice, baking soda or strawberries.

you may try this Crookesey :smiley:


The Tooth Whitening Product Rating for a product helps you to find out the pros and the cons for that product and to know what you can get out of that tooth whitening product. Each product has its own plus and minuses. The pluses are not plus for all and the minuses are not minus for all who go for that product. Each product works out differently for each and every person. Carlisle PA Dentists