Pro Veggie movie "Powder"

There is a good movie Powder
Have anybody seen this movie?

I didn’t?
What is it about?

I saw it, and I loved that scene with the deer. My stepdad (a hunter) saw it, and scoffed, but I liked it… yes, obviously it was a fake deer, but the message is the same.

I want to see it TOO!!! :cry: .
What was with that deer?

I have seen this movie many times over. This one’s a sure tear-jerker. The make-up was great even when Powder was getting drenched in the rain near the ending the white stuff that they used to cover hi never ran off. before when I was still young I thought they had to paint him all over his body.

Hm… How is this movie pro vegan?

Shouldn’t whis go to “Vegan Cinema Lounge - Movies Discussion” ?