Please help Fukushima Farm Animals-Establish sanctuary farms

Many farm animals(and companion animals) are left behind in the area of Fukushima, the site of nuclear disaster in Japan.

The Japanese government designated inside 20km area as no-go zone on the 22nd of April.

So owners of animals and animal rescue groups have not been able to enter this area since the 22nd of April.

Many animals have already died from starvation but more than 1,000 farm animals are still alive according to the survey of Fukushima prefecture.

Many of them are roaming, released from their barns.

Some Diet members have started to try to establish sanctuary farms (free-range farms) for them.

But the Japanese government is working on euthanizing farm animals under owner’s agreement.

We urge the Japanese government to support the work of establishing sanctuary farms and moving animals there instead of euthanizing.

Please sign the following petition(Care2).
From Care2 web site -> search “Establish-sanctuary-farms”

Thank you for your help.