Plan to analyse impact of vegan diet on diabetes

Plan to analyse impact of vegan diet on diabetes
A trans-Atlantic collaboration is on the cards to analyse the impact of a vegan diet on diabetes in India. Neal Barnard, a US-based clinical researcher, plans to study if the results of his American experiment with the low-fat vegan diet will be similar in India as well. Dr. Barnard, who has been studying the effects of the vegan diet, a vegetarian diet that keeps out milk and milk products as well, has found that it controls blood sugar three times more effectively than a conventional diabetes diet did. His most recent study, involving 99 people with Type 2 Diabetes (more common in India) in the US, proved that the effect was stronger than using medication.
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wow that is great news… but,
I remember seeing on animal planet that if animals in the zoo a fed by people they can also get diabetes. So I believe diabetes is more related to over processed foods which can be vegan as well. That’s just an idea…

Certainly overprocessed foods usually contain sugar syrups, which are linked to developing Type II Diabetes.

However, I have also heard of diabetics being advised to cut out red meat and dairy.

I remember from when I was on low-carb diets (before I turned vegetarian!), that milk actually contains a certain amount of sugar. Of course, it’s not much compared to other foods, but it was limited on the plan I was following. The following excerpt links red meat consumption to diabetes: … update.htm