Photo Shoot!! Take Part/Give Opinions and Ideas!!

Hi my name’s Rhian and I am a third year photography student at Portsmouth University,

I am currently basing my final project on Veganism as it is something I am extremely passionate about, having been vegan for six years now. For this project I need to take photos of as many vegans as I can, I was wondering if you would be able to help me.

It is really important for me that Vegans get the recognition and representation that they deserve and do not always receive and that is what I hope to create with this project. Any help you could give me would be invaluable.

An idea that I have been considering is to take pictures of vegans holding an army helmet to their chest that will have written on it ‘Fighting for…’ and then a word or phrase that the person feels they are fighting for in their decision to be vegan whether that be better health, equality, animal rights, etc. etc. I am also trying to make a comment on how soldiers receive a huge amount of recognition for fighting for what they believe in, whereas vegans, most of which are fighting a peaceful fight (even a metaphorical fight) rarely get any recognition at all.

Feel free to give me your opinions on this idea…

And if anyone actually wants to take part in the shoot give me a message and let me know where you are local to and i’ll see what i can do!!

Thank you lovelies :slight_smile: