Petco Refuses to Immediately Withdraw Toxic Pet Treats Made

I was disgusted when I watched my local TV station run a segment about the distress an elderly lady felt when she learned her pet dog will eventually die from complications resulting in kidney failure. What compounds her grief even more is when she learned that the pet treats she feeds her pet were made in China with a history of producing products that are toxic and was not aware of this problem until it was too late This is now is becoming a major threat in America today with an increasing number of pets dying from these treats, a sentiment even voiced by her veterinarian. People now need to stop buying animal products manufactured in China. China is notorious in not inspecting items sold to Americans for any toxic qualities. Even children’s products when painted often contain deadly lead. This is a truly tragic situation and needs to be stopped.

What angers me even more is that Petco, even though knowing about this situation, refuses to immediately stop selling such products but expects to get rid of them by the end of the year. Most companies when made aware their products are harmful to the public immediately issue recalls and take them off the market. Why not Petco? It seems Petco is more concerned about putting profit ahead of the lives of the animals they are trying to help in satisfying their appetite requirements. They should be held totally responsible for any animal that gets sick or dies from eating any of the remaining products made in China with huge fines and long prison sentences. It seems the trouble with Petco in this matter today is greed, greed, greed. No longer is there a concern about the safety of the consumer, be it human or otherwise AND PETCO IS A PRIME EXAMPLE of this fact! And it doesn’t stop with Petco either. Just look at BP with their huge oil leak and Exxon’s oil spill all because they were more concerned about profit than the safety of their employees, the lives of their customers, the wildlife, and the environment

To honor all the animals that have died from eating the treats made in China sold by Petco, I call for a total boycott of that company until they confiscate all the remaining Chinese manufactured treats. Also tell the store managers at Petco where you do your business you are boycotting them until they remove all those items from their shelves and destroy them.

America must wake up and stop buying products from China. China is not a friend to America, its people or its animals. Why should we support Chinese workers with our hard earned money while thousands of American industries are going out of business because we buy from China at a cheaper price thus putting millions of Americans out of work?

I beg of you when you go shopping, check the label of the product you buy, be it food for yourself, your animals or any other item and make sure IT IS NOT MADE IN CHINA. Tell the store owner you will no longer patronize their store until they stop selling products made in China. Get other involved also. IT IS HIGH TIME WE STARTED BUYING PRODUCTS MADE IN AMERICA AND REALLY BOOST THE ECONOMY AND AVOID THE RISKS OF TAINTED PRODUCTS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES NOT FRIENDLY TO US.