Nutrients project feedback and suggestions

Here is the place to discuss the [color=green]vegan Nutrients Project.
Any Feedback, complaints, bug reports and ideas are welcome.

Just wanted to say: I think this is a great idea and really useful :smiley:

I was wondering if it would be worth listing some common deficiencies that vegans get and their symptoms, just incase anyone has them but isn’t really aware that they are short of a certain nutrient? For example, I’ve heard that a lot of British vegans get iodine deficient and go bald, because we don’t tend to use iodised salt?! But most people wouldn’t guess that iodine was the root problem. :tongue8:

I was also wondering if it was worth putting togther some example meal plans that are nutritionally balanced? A lot of the one’s I’ve seen on the web are compiled by food companies, so feature whatever they’re trying to sell rather heavily :wink:

Just some random ideas :idea1:

iodised salt?
i think you could eat laminaria instead

A cervical dilator? Clinically superior with larger dilation and faster results? :astonished:

Oh wait, it’s a type of seaweed too :laughing:

This nutrients table is not quite clear. I mean, some explication should be made of how to use it. And these howtos should be visible on every page.

[size=75]ps: Laminaria (a botanical name) is a genus of kelp (a common name), containing over 20 species. The species Laminaria japonica is the main component of the Japanese food kombu.[/size]

Sorry to be a pain… :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to sort the nutrients database by nutrient, and can’t see how it’s done? :frowning: Can you help, please?

I would like to see which foods are richest in, for example, vitamin B6. I know you can overdose on some vitamins and minerals, and therefore don’t want to take supplements any more!

Hey Becky, look below the Vitamin B6 there are 2 icons
Press this one to find the products that contain the most of it. The icon should turn red and the entire column should become white.

Also it’s a good idea to remove the “main” and “minerals” options in the top left corner so that all the vitamins fit on the screen.

Also if you write in the search field the word raw it will show only raw products, usually that is more useful… because you will not see too many variations of the same product - which sometime is frustrating.

It’s great that you asked this question. This product is in development now and we need to know as much as possible how useful it is to people. What is not clear and how we can make it better. :wink:
Thank You.

Hmm, I can’t get onto the Nutrients database at the moment! I’ve tried a few times over the last week, and the page keeps timing out… Is there a problem? Or do I need a new computer? :wink:

I’m trying to put together an eating plan that will include all nutrients, because I worry about missing some nutrient, and I don’t like taking multivitamin pills… I’ll post it on here when I’m done! :slight_smile:

There was a problem with the server but we have moved to a more powerful server and we are also changing the project right now.
It will be more user friendly and search engine friendly as well. :slight_smile:

What is a laminaria?

I found the table to be very easy to use. I do have a question though on colloids. Has anyone ever taken this, and if so what were their results? I have heard it can remove toxins from your body, and was thinking about adding it to my regiment of supplements.

Hey, I really like the food vegtalk website with all those nutrients.
From what I’ve been able to find, it’s one of the best on the internet.

However I noticed that it’s lacking an extremely vital nutrient, sulfur.
Sulfur is required by the body in the production of proteins (most of the body).
Sulfur is more common in the body than sodium (more important than table salt)

There was even an article earlier on this site about Sulfur,
lists the deficiency symptoms, recommends 750mg is what body uses a day.
unfortunately can’t link to it as it’s my first post, it’s in vegan nutrients forum.

Sulfur is at least as important as Potassium, comprising the same amount of our body, 0.25%
can look it up on wikipedia composition of the human body.

Another suggestion I have is to include mineral-spices like wood-ash, which are high in potassium, and in my opinion make way more sense than salt and-or baking soda as a food additive, considering we need almost twice as much of it as sodium. Maybe can have it under the spices section.

I think the copper unit in the table should be mg instead of mcg:
The unit is wrong in the food detail too, for example the seaweed_spirulina_dried page.
Sorry I could not post link in the first post (even link to vegtalk itself).

In the page it shows there are 6.100 mcg of copper and the RDA for men and women are 677.77%.
I think it should be 6.100 mg of copper.
The adult RDA for copper is 900mcg (0.9mg), so 6.100mg / 0.9mg = 6.7777, which is 677.77% of RDA.

Hello Meign, It’s really nice to meet you:-)
I just want to give you about the answer you want. Actually Laminaria is a genus of the brown algae pieces commonly called KELP and some of its pieces are named as Devil’s apron due to their shape. It is Mostly found in the depths of north Atlantic Ocean and the northern Pacific Ocean, and the length is about 8 to 30 m. it is also said by the experts that genus involves a diploid generational system.

The Nutritionist:

Here’s a listing: Illnesses caused by improper nutrient consumption. It includes excesses as well as deficiencies.