not vegan cure to cancer?

What if the cure to cancer could be produced by a hypothetical experiment on just a single animal?

I’m afraid I deal with practicalities, and this situation would never happen.

  • For a start, any test programme needs several subjects, plus a control group, to ensure that the results are consistent and repeatable (and not due to something you haven’t thought of!).

  • If you were certain enough of a cure that you only needed to conduct one animal test, you would probably have enough research and knowledge to justify a human test. Unless, of course, regulations prevented you from doing so.

Using animals for experimentation is just another form of speciesism. It was considered normal by the Nazi regime to use Jews, gays, gypsies, etc for medical experiments. These practices are not acceptable now. The planet
has over six billion humans and is increasing constantly. If we need to do medical experiments to benefit humans, perhaps we should use humans. We could compensate them for their efforts just as we do for any other occupation.

I think that’s the way its should be if that will be the only cure… But still seeking, asking and trying other options will be better…