not trying to be rude or offensive but please hear me out

most of you will frown upon the fact that i am a bow hunter, but i have some inquisitions do discuss. i certainly dont want to anger anyone so if you dont want to read this then dont.

first of all, i would like to ask how many people here have actually experienced the nature that they preach about so often. i have done things that some of you would never think of doing to experience true nature. have you submerged yourself in the wilderness totaly and only lived off of the land? have you FELT what it is like to be the hunted? have you conquered the peak of a mountain? have you taken an animals last breath away and felt the whole process with your bare hands? no?.. i have. now i am not trying to glorify myself, nor am i trying to make anyone seem inferior. but the statements i just made surely have made you rethink what you people call me.

i want to tell you about my friend scout. he is a 3 year old german shepherd dog, and he is probably the happiest dog on this forum. whenever i go on a hunting trip he goes too. not because i use him as a tool, but because it makes him happy. seeing him run back to me, happy as hell with a rabbit in his mouth (that he hunted) is so inspiring. me and this dog have been through more together than most people, and he would defend me and my family to the death. when we go on a rabbit hunting trip, he actually does most of the hunting, and he gets his fare share of meat for sure. but on a deer trip, he knows what to do and he leads me to the prey. he is truly my best friend and companion.

this next paragraph is concerning how i do my hunting, and what it means to me. hunting is not something i do to satisfy a blood lust. it is something i do to put myself back into the equation of nature. somewhat of a spititual quest if you will. here is an example. i remember a wild boar that i hunted some time ago. in previous boar hunts i had used a spear but this time i intended to do it with only a knife. i have to say it was one of the hardest and most painful things i have ever done. i jumped out of the tree and tried to embrace his backside. i wrestled with him until i felt his soul leave his body, and said a prayer thanking god for his gift. he managed to make a 5 inch TEAR in my left forearm TO THE BONE. certainly one of the most painful things i have ever experienced, but it was all worth it to experience gods nature and to contribute to it. some of you may sit there and frown and think that i just discribed a horrible deed. this is totaly and entirely untrue, it is a very beautiful thing. that boar is now at peace with the earth.

i hope that this will make you rethink the label of “hunter” that you all hate so much. and mabey get you to stop trying to take away what i love so much. and if you notice that i never once suggested that anyone eat meat, then good. that isn’t my goal. i want the media and the govern ment to stop trying to take away my freedom. i honestly dont care if you wont eat meat, that is your path and your life.

Mate, I don’t see any difference between hunting an animal or a human.
That’s what animal rights are all about.
Killing a strong man is as difficult as killing a boar and a man will definitely try to kill You back, so I don’t see the point of your text.

Some rogue could as well describe his deeds as something interesting and cool. Living of the streets, being hunted by police, killing people in dark places with bare hands.
"Have you done it? No? …i have
am I cool now? " :slight_smile:

The whole point of vegan lifestyle is that human race evolves and time has come to rise our morals to a new level. Killing animals for food is simply not necessary anymore…

Happy New YEAR!!! :slight_smile:

Colt T, if you are so eager to go and hunt with a knife, go for it I personally don’t have anything against it, this is pretty balanced. In the end you will also get killed by an animal that really wants to live.
After all you are no different mentally from a wolf or a tiger… or as Andy suggested from a serial killer. :slight_smile:
But the animal rights movement is not about this unique anomaly it’s about billions of animals killed shamelessly every year in the butcheries, these animals after living a miserable life do no have the slightest chance to survive.