Not a "proper" vegan?

I’m a vegan, but I make a few exceptions like eating free range eggs and honey and wearing wool. However, lots of people are saying that i’m “Not a proper vegan”, and that I shouldn’t call myself one. Should I keep calling myself a vegan, or use a different term to describe myself? If so, what should I say?

I cannot also help you with that feline, I am still into transforming stage… There are still times that I crave for non vegan food… those people who are vegan for so long might know what should it be :smiley:

Well, I generally tell people that I eat primarily vegan most days, but will, on occasion, have dairy products. But eating vegan is more the rule than the exception.

I would say you are primarily vegan, but why make those exceptions? If you are lets say… enlightened? About what goes on in the process of getting other dairy, etc… It applies to other things as well. It would be one more step to cut out eggs, or to switch to Agave nectar. :smiley: [Which is delicious!]

As for wool… Unless it came from my neighbours happily sheared and loved sheep, there is no way. If you do a google search with ‘vegan’ and ‘merino wool’ in the tags… Some interesting [disturbing] things come up.

But I would say you are mostly there, and doing a great job! :slight_smile: The switch-over is the hardest part…

There are many stages of vegan, and no one can ever be 100% vegan. It’s just not possible! :slight_smile:

Ok, I think that I won’t wear wool anymore but I still don’t see anything wrong with eggs. As long as they are free range and unfertilized, the chicken isn’t really harmed. Or am I wrong?

I think you are right that chicken are not harmed when you eat eggs, but as i read the comments of other vegans, they say that eating eggs prevent other chicken to live:D

Unfortunately very wrong. :frowning: Just by buying eggs you are supporting the chicken killing industry. What happens to the male chicks? They are either shoved in garbage bags [worst cases] or sold to chickenfarmers where they then go into the poultry industry…

Often free range labels are VERY misleading, and there are certain guidelines to what can be “free-range”. It doesn’t mean that they are outside the whole time.

Also, these hens are forced to produce eggs at an unnatural rate, and when their production goes down, they are also killed.

Hi Feline, I have a similar problem. I’m a vegetarian who has tried to be vegan and failed many times. I tell people that I’m vegetarian, have been for years, and that I’m experimenting with veganism. I don’t wear wool cos it makes me itch but I do have a pair of leather shoes fom way before I saw veganism as an otion for me. Don’t let anyone put you off. Just keep learning as you go and you might decide yourself to make a few more changes. I’m here looking for inspiration to keep me strong at really difficult times.

Well you had the right choice Redsunflower… :smiley: welcome and enjoy the forum