Newb kid on the block

Hello sentient beings!

My name’s Anna and I’ve been vegetarian for 7 and 1/2 years, vegan for 3 and 1/2. I found this forum by google-ing ‘Vegan forums’ (ha…). I am just looking for a place where I can reach out for support. Upon a recent argument with my partner regarding veganism (he eats meat), I decided to join a community where I could vent and also reaffirm my beliefs and have those feelings reciprocated. Even though I do believe in being well-balanced and accepting people for having their own unique ways of life (diversity is a beautiful thing), I would like encouragement from fellow vegans.

It’s neat to see so many people dealing with situations that I’ve found myself in and how they have handled it.

Some of my biggest challenges are conflicts between wanting to fight for what I believe in so strongly and the realization that by doing so I push people away instead of getting them on my side and potentially planting a seed. I also believe that it’s a good thing to surround yourself with people that hold different opinions, it allows you to get a different perspective on life.

Sorry this is so long! Looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone!