New :)

Hi , Just wanted to drop by and say im new to the forum and pretty new to fully becoming a vegan.
I chose to be a vegan for a couple resons but mostly because everything i learned shows how much healthier it is :slight_smile:

Hi, Amber, I just joined myself and I just started eating the vegan way This board is pretty quiet. Maybe we can liven it up with questions ? Like Iā€™m always HUNGRY

Hi and maybe try to eat more fufilling foods? i havent found that im more hungry . or a glasss of water before your meals? or more small meals a day everyones different but you can find ways to do it :slight_smile: and yea this board is really quiet sadly
:frowning: think i might look for another board?

Hello AmberMoon and Deserthorn,
Welcome to the Vegtalk forums.
Deserthoren, Make sure you get enough calories. Various legumes like beans, lentils, peas and soy should be eaten daily.
Nuts , cereals and seeds are also nutritious and should be eaten on a daily basis.
While vegetables provide most of the vitamins and should be eaten for their health benefits they are lower in calories so you might feel hungry if you eat only vegetables.