New Vegan

I just became fully vegan about a month ago, I find that I am super hungry now, I eat more and feel super hungry before meals. I am a triathlete so I eat well anyway but have noticed the increase in hunger! Thanks everyone!

If you really can’t carry on, just give up doing it.
Being a vegan isn’t suitable for everyone.
You must own willpower and be patient enough.
I will still cheer you up.
Come on!
Belive yourself!

Hi I just joined also, and I started about 2 weeks ago, and I’m always hungry…I found that steel cut oatmeal stays with me for a long time. Of course it takes 20 minutes to cook but it does help. So I guess that’s the answer, more grains, beans, pasta,potatoes etc. Costco has packages of nuts and dried fruit that are small enough to fit into a pocket. EAT.

i felt like that too when i first changed my diet. i have learned over time what foods to eat at what times in order to keep me full. i eat a small meal every couple of hours. if i feel extra hungry or sluggish, i make sure that the next meal i eat has some whole grains or complex carbs. i also find that a simple glass of water, soy milk, or herbal tea also helps calm my stomach when i am feeling peckish. i think over time my stomach adapted to this and now i am almost never hungry. it has been about a year since i changed my diet. so just stick in there and i promise it will get easier. your body is still adapting.