New Vegan holiday?

What do you think about making a new vegan holiday where all vegans will treat their neighbors with vegan foods.
It will fulfill 2 objectives:

  1. To let people know vegan food, how it taste, what variations are etc.
  2. To help vegans be more social.

What do you think about this idea?

I think this is a great idea! :smiley: I don’t know how my neighbours would react… People aren’t as social as they used to be :cry: The guys at work certainly seem to like pinching my sandwiches and nuts though :unamused:

A funny story :smiley: : a friend at university was an animal rights protestor, and her group were protesting outside MacDonald’s. They normally just handed out leaflets, but on this occasion they decided to set up a stall and offer free vegetarian flapjacks to people who were going into MacDonalds. Several people accused them of putting drugs in the flapjacks (!), and they were eventually moved on by the Police :astonished:

I just found out that it is National Vegetarian Week!

Two problems:

  1. it seems to be in the UK only
  2. it is VERY poorly advertised. The only activity in my area is my local health food shop offering some free samples :confused: And I only found that out from the website!

Also, it is sponsored by Cauldron Foods. I know that only a couple of their products are vegan: everything else contains egg or milk powder…

On the good side:

  • I will get free chocolate when I go shopping :cheers:
  • In other areas there are more activities: I read that a primary school is having a day where the children discuss being vegetarian, and try vegetarian food (I am surprised they are allowed to do this - my school taught us that vegetarians were unhealthy :unamused: ). Some restaurants are serving discounted vegetarian meals too.