New Peep From Raleigh, NC, United States

I go by deshane everywhere I am found online, except in a few places where someone already beat me to that username. You can also find older web versions of me listed in some form of katiejazz, irishtechno, or katiedeshane.

Some specifics about me are:

[]I’m pretty gay[/]
[]I’m a military veteran[/]
[]I’m a social media/location-based service/techie addict[/]
[]I adore my cat, Muggie, and yes, I am crazy enough to call him my “son”[/]
[]When pushed for a definitive line of religion, I go with Pagan but everything I believe in can be found once you have read most of Orson Scott Card’s books, especially within the Enderverse & Hatrack River series[/]
[size=85][]Yes, I know that OSC is a Mormon[/]
[]Yes, I know that the US military has a “small conflict of interest” called DADT[/][/size]

My life is tangled up into one big panicked line of white noise - much of it results in conflicted confusion. :wink:

Anyhow, I’ve recently been delegated to redesigning the website of my partner’s college university’s vegan/animal rights club. Somehow, that led me to this website/forum board. Funny how life works sometimes, eh?

Hello deshane! Welcome to the forum… Enjoy! :smiley: