New member with questions!

Hello all!
I am new here. I have been a vegetarian for about six months now. But I just wanted to ask a question about being vegetarian, does anyone still have cravings for meat? No one I know is actually a vegetarian, so often times I am the only one at the table without meat, and at times I find myself commenting about how good something smells, or how tasty it looks. I still believe that eating animals is wrong, but is this normal?? :confused:
Thanks for listening to my questions :smiley:

Nine months for me too. It’s been a process, and being a carnivore for so many years I am quite accustomed to eating meat. The problem comes with hunger. If you allow yourself to get hungry, and then surround yourself with meat eaters, you’re in trouble.

You have an obligation to yourself to plan ahead. I keep roasted almonds nearby at all times in case of having to skip a meal. (The almonds start out raw and I roast them at home with no salt - very delicious.) When it’s time to have a meal, plan on being somewhere that you can have the vegan foods you need to conquer the hunger. If you are famished and you go to a steak house with friends, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. If your friends don’t support your lifestyle, then don’t go hungry and have a light meal of salad and bread at the restaurant. You won’t crave the meat if you’re already satisfied.

As far as craving meat on an ongoing basis, no, I don’t. It no longer appeals to me. I don’t miss it. As long as I have plenty of the foods that empower me, I’m totally on board with my new vegan lifestyle. I’d rather have a huge bowl of freshly cooked beans, rice, and vegies or a big plate of delicious pasta with vegies and coconut milk sauce than a bacon cheeseburger any day.

Hello there Martini and Welcome! Personally I still have craving especially on bacon, barbecue and burgers but I will always find way to refuse temptation… oooh the smell of those steaks sometimes get in to me but i always keep in mind about my health :wink:

While I don’t crave meat, I still do love the way it smells when it’s cooking! So doesn’t one of my vegetarian friends.

Does smelling it makes it unvegan? lol you can smell it then have a bite of whole grain wheat bread :smiley: