near death at seaworld - a female orca named Kasatka … rld/nP3Fw/

A newly released video shows what may have been part of the reason why a judge ruled that SeaWorld can’t allow trainers back in the water during whale performances.

The video shows a whale turning on a trainer at SeaWorld in San Diego.

Back in 2006, cameras rolled as the show started like any other.

Veteran trainer Ken Peters played around with a female orca, named Kasatka, before he jumped in for the big finale.

They were to meet underwater and she was supposed to push him in the air by his foot, in the video, the trainer begins to struggle. The whale had clamped down on his foot instead, and then pulled him under.

Underwater cameras captured the frantic fight and the trainer was no match for the 5,000-pound orca…

the orca shows a remarkeble inteligence and compassion. she doesn’t kill the guy , she just teach him a lesson.