Natural Cleaning Recipes

I’m creating a site that will list natural ingrediants to create natural cleaning products from every day stuff most people have in the home.

Can you post here or message me your best natural cleaning recipes?
If I include it at I will put a link to your web site. And we will help get poeple off commercial cleaning products that do damage to us- many of which are tested on animals.


Is Baking Soda considered natural? =)
When I was a kid I remember my mom was using only baking soda.

A lot of “natural” commercial cleaners, and even toothpaste, now use baking soda… I guess these things come around again!

There is a TV program over here called “How clean is your house?” where the presenters - Kim and Aggie - show people how to clean :stuck_out_tongue: Kim in particular advocates old fashioned natural cleaning products: vinegar to clean windows and shower heads, lemon juice to clean everything(!), borax in toilets, vodka to santise kitchen cabinets, banana peel to clean shoes, worcestershire sauce to polish brass, denture tablets to clean pots and pans… Here are some tips: … _tips.html

I have started using borax instead of bleach, and I use half a lemon or onion to deodorise the fridge. But I’m lazy in the rest of the house, and use Ecover cleaning cream :unamused:

I’ve recently found out that a lot of laundry and washing-up liquids contain formaldehyde: surely this can’t be healthy?! :astonished:

What a waste! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, maybe I could pour vodka all over my kitchen, and then get someone to lick it up… :smiley: Who said cleaning wasn’t fun?!

Banana peel, to clean shoes?!!! :smiley:
Have anyone tried it? With what part of the banana peal should I clean it? Interior or exterior?

Apparently, you should use the inside of the peel, because it contains all the oils that are needed… Then buff with a soft cloth. I have to confess, I haven’t tried it :slight_smile:

BTW, I thought my idea with the vodka came from somewhere :unamused: Here’s how to use lager to clean:

We also use baking soda… Calamansi and vinegar are also great for cleaning… What are trying to clean here? Floors? walls? windows?