My opinions,

I am not writing this for the purpose of concerting all the vegans, you want to have a vegan diet and I respect that. I am writing this out of annoyance due to the predominant belief I have found among so many vegan/vegetarians that eating meat is so ungodly evil and sadistic and, for Christian vegans, that it is a sin. So I am going to address this from two of the predominant beliefs, Christianity and Atheism

Christianity: Is it OK to eat meat? Yes it is, this is the simplest to answer, namely because Jesus himself ate meat. As Jesus never sinned and he ate meat, eating meat is obviously not a sin.

Atheism: Is it OK to eat meat? Why not? Seeing as afterlife and God is a man-made delusion and this is the only life we shall receive, what is our real purpose except to enjoy it?
Sure we could eat a vegan diet, but for what long-term purpose? In the long run death is inevitable and we will all be dead. There is no reward, no pot of gold at the end of the tunnel, for abstaining from meat. Sure we spare animals, but so what? They’ll die eventually and so will we, so if eating meat is pleasurable why should we abstain from it?

You call meat eaters evil, but with no God what is evil? It differs from society to society. For some wearing a beard may be evil, while for others human sacrifice is/was perfectly acceptable. So is killing and eating animals really evil, or is it just considered evil in some people’s eyes?

So in conclusion I think eating meat is fine both ways, Jesus ate meat so we can also. As for atheists, if this is our only life why should we preoccupy ourselves with what some consider evil if it diverts us from having as much enjoyment as we can before the inevitable death?

Desperate Dan eats a lot of cowpie I believe. It’s true, I read it in the Dandy.

In my previous life I was a sheep that not only did not believe in god but ended life miserably being served up at a Christian festival.
This time around I am trying a different tact.