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Hi all -
I am new to this forum. I have been reading some of the topics and posts on this forum and the animal rights community forums. I am interested in all the ideals and knowledge put out there, and i like a good opinionated debate that does not bash either parties. So, now to introduce myself and i hope that this doesnt discourage you from reading on and being biased against me. I am writing just my opinions and how i view life. I am an omnivore, i do eat meat and i do eat vegatables, i do live on a farm and we own horses,dogs,cats,chickens and cows. However it is not a factory farm, we raise our own beef etc. I do work a full time job AND take care of all the animals which makes for an early start before work and late nights after work. It means that i do not have time to go away and do frivious things because some of these animals depend on me. Now just alittle info on the animals as you are all probable thinking bad things about me right now. The only areas fenced off are for the horses and cows because they are grazers and grazers go everywhere and anywhere they can to eat as much as they can then off to the next area. Everything else is unfenced and free to come and go as they please for we only supply the food,water and shelter so they prefer to stay in the area. The dogs live in the house while with grandpa while we are at work and since the lab knows how to open the door to go inside and out they are free to come and go as they please. It was quite amazing actually to watch him open the door to go outside then figure out the door knob outside to get back in.
Enough about myself - my opinion is that all animals and plants are opportunistic. They do what is needed to survive in this world. Now i like to live my life (eatting wise) how they would have hundreds of years ago. Eatting fruits, and vegatables when they were in season, lots of bread, and then meat. Grant it, they did not have freezers back in the day, but they did cure meat and in colder climates they were able to save it for some period of time.In the past farming was just not enough for a source of food all year round. It may have been possible in the warmer climates but not colder ones. If humans did not have the brain capacity that we have there is without a doubt that we would not be having this conversation and would be struggling to survive against top predators that want to eat us. I am all for preserving the wild and the environment and living on only what i need to survive. That is not possible in this day and age. The world is becoming overpopulated and as we expand our cities and the population rises, the need for more farm land and space increases. Needed more resources (trees,minerals etc) force animals out of their orginial habitat and left to die if they can not adapt to the changes. Again these are all just my opinions and i stand by that animals and plants(humans included cause we are animals) are opportunistic and if the option to eat meat over a few berries is there, most ominvores will eat the meat because it will be less work for more nutrients.
Hopefully noone will bash my post for my beliefs, i respect the decision if you are vegan or vegetarian. It is a difficult thing to do (at least in my eyes) in the world today. I few this topic the same as i do religion, you would not want someone to force you to believe in one religion when you strongly believe in the another. This leads to a jihad and we all know how it is in the middle east and what has happened in the history books. I think that is everything i wanted to express, i may have forgot some things as i was typing this but maybe they will come to me as people possible post replies.

Lots of views but no replies :frowning:

So you dont need veal then.
What stops thieves stealing your meat from the shops because they’re hungry and had hands to steal and teeth to eat the stolen meat?

Thank you for your honesty.

I wouldn’t compare religious proselytizing to sharing factual information of the implications of diet.

I have no need to eat animals or milk taken from them (other than my mother when I was a child).

My reasons for becoming a vegan:

Concern for my health
Concern for the health of the planet
Concern about human starvation around the world
Concern for the innocent animals (our neighbors and kin) who deserve to live out at least a relatively natural life

I’ve been involved with these issues for almost forty years and have even penned a few books…

Hi dirwood, thanks for sharing…