Ms Kansas Should Have Been Disqualified

I was shocked to learn that Teresa Vail was nominated to represent Kansas in the Ms. America Contest when I learned she is a vivid hunter of animals and messes up her appearance by having tattoos and wearing rings in her nose and other parts of her body. Even worse she is charged with killing a grizzly bear in May without possessing a state bear tag for the animal. Star of Outdoor Channel’s Limitless with Theresa Vail is also charged with unsworn falsification Investigators said she held a single bear tag and shot a grizzly bear She then tried to kill it with a second shot but fired and killed a second bear instead, a sow grizzly Also charged in case are master guide Michael Wade Renfro, 46, and assistant guide Joseph Andrew Miller, 45

For more information click on this link:
: … z3u1xsqsKy

I just can’t believe those in charge of the MS America Contest would even allow such a person to be eligible to compete. From what I understand about the contest I thought candidates were selected for the way they dressed and engaged in feminine type activities. Hunting is anything but a feminine activity. I believe we need to inform those who run the MS America Contest that we demand candidates who adhere strictly to feminine qualities and not masculine ones and they dress modestly at all times. Above all they should not have been engaged in any criminal activity including any illegal animal abuse.
Therefore if you are concerned as much as I am about this horrible activity in which she is engaged and prevent it from happening in the future, please contact:

The Miss America Organization
P. O. Box 1919
Atlantic City, NJ 08404-1919
Phone: 1 800-282-6477

and those living in Kansas you can contact the Kansas Miss America site at

An error was made when stating she wore rings in her nose and other parts of her body. She according to the photographs shows no rings on any part of her body. Sorry for the error.