Militant anti-veg

So actually a kind of good friend of mine constantly teases me about my veganism… I mean, we’re 19 and 20 years old. That’s sad. How can I get him to shut up? I’m firm in my beliefs, but it really hurts me that he’s so obsessed with poking fun of it.

You won’t shut him up unless he understands. And it seems he’s too narrow-minded to do that. Sorry.

Try to use his obsessions to promote veganism. You can ask for advice for certain situations if you would like it, we’ll brainstorm those situations and will find what can be done about them.

MonaVox, since the beginning of time, people have always ridiculed people who were different than they were. The best defense you can have, is to be well educated on the subject of veganism, so that your friend won’t have a leg to stand on when he begins to ridicule you. People are usually more acceptable to hearing the health benefits of a vegan diet as opposed to the animal rights issues, so educate him in a calm manner about the dangers of eating animal products. I know it can sometimes be difficult to remain calm when someone is coming down on you hard, but I think you’ll get better results if you do. Suggest he read some books on veganism, and see where that leads. If he’s a good friend, he should be supportive of your views. If he isn’t supportive, he isn’t a good friend…Good luck…

What are the good health aspects then ?

Isnt it true that vegan and vegetarians often lack vitamines and minerals like b12 iron calcium vitamin D and so on ?

And isnt it also true that vegans often get anorexia eating disorders and often kill them selfs ?

Zero cholesterol intake. But would you ask a cannibal not to eat people for health reasons, or because it is wrong?

I know a lot of vegans and none of them lacks those vitamins and minerals. There are cases of vegans who lack B12, but it is in case when they don’t get fortified food or supplements.

Not. Most vegans have good appetite.

Vegans doing harakiri? :wink:

Im just asking. No need for you cannibalism thoughts.
Is zero cholesterol really possible ? If so is it really good to have no cholesterol? What about all the good things you get from animal products ? CLA acid, B12, calcium, iron, jod and so on ?

I also know lots of vegans and they seem like health themself however reasearch has shown that vegans often lack minerals and vitamins. Supplements are of course required, but still with suppliments some does get this lack. And still everyone doesnt take supplements.

It´s not the part of eating with good appetite.
According to Characteristics of vegetarian adolescents in a multiethnic urban population. Perry CL et al. J. Adolesc. Health 2001 Dec; 29(6):406-16, vegetarians often uses loose weight pills, laxation, and “throwing ups” (whats the right name for it ?).

Ive read somewere maybe in the above research or some statics that suicide is something that often hits people who choose to leave meat from the menu. Why i dont know. But of course it is something that vegan sites never would publicise.

Cholesterol is from animal products, so yes zero dietary cholesterol intake is proven. Our liver make all the cholesterol we need, and sometime too much if we eat the wrong foods.

The throw up issue… it’s true I suspect that some people experimenting with the Veg*nisms, they may have an underlying psychological problem, but is that anything to do with Veganism.
More interestingly, how many people do you know who are vegan? No one I work with knows I am. My friends and family know that I and my g/f am vegan, but lots of people I know don’t know. It’s not that I try and keep it a secret; just it never enters into professional life, like sexual orientation etc.
The name you are looking for is Anorexia Bulimia, or Bulimic

I’ve never known anyone in our vegan circles to commit hari kari let alone suiciced by other methods. Perhaps bullying by other people and the state is to blame if that is the case? Someone should study that!

Yes i was coming to that.
I did a bit of talking with my friend the doctor student.
He looked in some books and said that the biggest part of cholesterol came from the bodie itself.
And it´s not the intake of cholesterol that really matters its what you do with it. I didnt understand everything he said, just quotíng
There was something more about this but i dont remember.

Yes ofcourse a that part of veg* commuinty has someting to do with vegetarism. Aswell has the militnat groups of the vegetarism.
There is a sertain name for that vegorexia or something like that.
A question is if the vegetarian thoughts make people go “vegorexia” or are those people seeking themself to vegetarism ? Of course you will say that they are going to vegetarism. But then Way and how can you be sure they are going to vegetarism and not destroyed by vegetarism ?

Yes suicide is terrible and more reasearch is very welcome. In the meantime we can only discuss this. Okay you dont know any vegan that has commited suicide. I know 5 people that had thought of killing themself and talking to me about them. Of these 5 one was vegan. And strong believer.
Lucky no one of these did kill themself. Every last one of them are today happy they didnt.

Talking about suicide wasnt there a discusion about suicide here on vegtalk ?

I know some people that thought of suicide and they are not vegan or vegetarian or anything like this.
From the other side I’m almost vegan, been vegetarian since 11 years old, and I had very bad periods in my life… Never I had even a shadow of the suicidal thoughts…
Actually it’s the oposite I love life so much that I can’t steal other animals’ life. I’m vegetarian because I love to live!!! :slight_smile: