Low-Fat Dairy Products Linked to Infertility in Women

I thought the following was interesting :smiley: Unfortunately, the study compared women who ate low-fat dairy regularly, and those who ate high-fat dairy occasionally: there is no mention of women who ate no dairy at all!

I think it could be interesting to know whether it is low-fat dairy that causes this form of infertility, or high-fat dairy that prevents it. The article suggests the latter, without investigating the hypothesis that the total amount of dairy consumed may be to blame. Or other factors, such as the women’s weight, or the fact that being on a strict low-fat diet may be causing stress.

It could also be that women who ate low fat diary were more concerned about having a slim body then having a baby. Or even were afraid of having babies. The brain can really do miracles sometime, and give you what you wish.

Or may be women who ate low fat diary were eating higher quantities of it, to stay full.

Or may be when the fat is removed from diary products something BAD happens to it.

Anyway I don’t consider diary to be a healthy food, at least that is my experience.

…Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

I will surely share this to some of my friends… maybe they will learn something from this and might know what to prevent and what to take… Some of my friends have hard time bearing a child…