Losing a bit of admiration for Angelina Jolie

For a long time I really looked up to her as someone I aspired to be like. Someone who seems to have so much compassion for other people and does so many wonderful things through UNHCR is what inspired me to be in the path that I’m on right now.

However, this recent-ish statement she made really disappointed me.

oh-angelina.com/angelina-jol … illed-her/

She claims that eating red meat is her beauty go-to, and that her vegan diet nearly killed her because she was so deficient in nutrients.
Clearly she was doing something wrong. :wink:

This is very disappointing to me! :frowning:

Share your thoughts as well as feel free to talk about other vegan celebrities who promote better Animal Rights and a healthier diet. :slight_smile:

While I do find her kind hearted because she adopts needy kids, I have to say, that beyond that, I just dislike intensely how this woman looks. The outsized lips and tits. But, then again, this is the Hollywood canon of beauty for women. Bah!

As for her needing to eat red meat, bah humbug to that, too. While I don’t care if people eat flesh foods, but when they say that they feel they NEED to, that drives me nuts. There is plenty of protein in a plant based diet. Soybeans alone contain a lion’s share of this nutrient.

Ms jolie was masterful in ‘girl interrupted’. I thoroughly detested the character, both in the novel as well as on the screen.
I found it puzzling that some one with such sticklike arms could have, at the same time, such a voluptuous chest. And those huge lips looked so odd on the otherwise pinched and thin face. She looked waifish in the role, but the character was a monster.

Or, how about the tastelessness of lady gaga’s meat dress. Give me a break.

I think she needs to put on weight. While she’s had the bigs lips since childhood, she’s gotten a little thin. I think adults should have a little weight! Not saying fat, but she’s had three biological kids, she can have some shape.

Anyhow. :smiley: It just frustrates me a lot, especially someone who HAS supported the vegan diet, can then go and support a meat diet.

And the meat dress… Ahh… Ellen DeGeneres was not pleased. :confused:

This is quite sad. Having all that money and not being able to stay healthy on a vegan diet, when you can get the most nutritious vegan food you want. That’s sad.

And to go as far as saying it nearly killed her, and that a good steak is a beauty secret? D:

Is this true??? I can’t believe it… I haven’t heard anyone who have been hurt taking a vegan diet… almost all are positive… Don’t you think this is because of her lifestyle?

It’s very possibly because of her lifestyle, but again I think she could have used it to her advantage. I hear the majority of people who switch to a vegan diet and do it right say that they have MORE energy, and feel healthier. If not from an animal rights POV, but from a health one, vegan is still the healthier choice. You’d think with all of the activities and action films she does that she would want the best diet for her body, and not the one that simple has the least calories. :frowning:

Yeah, why would someone so active need to severly curtail calories? These damned Hollywood women who feel the need to be emaciated. Yet, get this, so many want huge hooters!!! If they want a waifish look, they need to know it looks odd when a very skinny body is topped by big breasts. Geez, you’d think they’d topple over from topheaviness.

I feel eating vegan is best, if not for the most important of all issues: those of animals’ lives. But, as well, for health reasons, too.

Is this more of a tactics to boost her stardom? I really can’t figure out…