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I turned to vegetarianism only recently, about three weeks ago. I’ve talked to a very close online friend that became a vegan several months ago, and she shared some facts and opinions with me, and I found myself agreeing. While I do oppose the cruelty and suffering animals have to go through today, my main reason is for health. I’ve never been able to eat a lot, and by concentrating on the healthier foods, I boost my body quite a bit. Even though I’ve made this decision recently, it feels completely natural to me already - I haven’t felt any desire or longing for meat since.

I do want to become a vegan in the future, but my parents do not quite approve as it is, so as long as I live under their roof, I have to make sacrifices. For example, I’m literally forced to eat fish, however rarely. But it’s a step up nonetheless :smiley: I think I may be affecting my younger sister, for she tends to avoid meat at dinner.

The thing I want to mention though, is that if the world was a different place with no such things as slaughterhouses and the overproduction of meat and dairy products, I’d eat meat. Even animals know that there is a cycle of life and death, and if you’re not someone’s predator, you’re their prey. I’m all for people living close to the wild and hunting their own food. But in this modern world, foods get processed and reprocessed and added to and come out a lot less natural than they ever were. It’s just something we cannot avoid. =/

Ah well. Pleased to be here!

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I understand your point.
And I agree with you - if you mean hunting with your bare hands.

My associations regarding gun hunting:
A champion boxer on the ring vs a sniper on the balcony.

The problems with humans is that they share their inventions - in the present not everybody is smart enough to create his own gun. So this isn’t really his merit to have such powers. This is not fair and it isn’t any good for nature(evolution). Many speacies disappeared because of this.
“With great powers comes great responsibility” :slight_smile:

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Yeah, guns are far from a fair fight. What about the hunting methods of the primitive cultures though? Bows and arrows, spears? The only things that helped the human race to survive is the ability to create tools, and our expanding intelligence, remember :wink: The tool-making, in some areas (particularly the weapons department), has come too far, true. But no human being will have much luck hunting with his or her bare hands. We weren’t built for that sort of hunt.

That’s one reason why I’m vegan. :slight_smile:

Regarding tools hunting… hm I don’t know…
Why would you do a thing like this? :slight_smile:
Personally I don’t want to kill an ant on purpose, especially if I can live happily without doing it.
Our society is quite advanced tehnically what we really need is some moral advancement.

Imagine that you are memeber of a powerfull group of people and you see an individum that is less powerfull because he lacks knowledge but he have a great potential. You can teach him things but you see how he is killing things that are weaker then he is. What would you do?

Aye, you definitely have a point!

It’s just that I do not condone hunting/fishing as long as it is done in a humane way, and if it is for yourself or for your family. No mass production of goods. My opinion :wink:

It’s good, you’re doing a good influence :slight_smile:

Who hunts elephants? :slight_smile:

Hyooomans. Although often illegally and for their tusks. As for animals, um… Lions? XD I have no idea whatsoever. But there must be something. Yes. Must. …right?

The mature elephant has no natural enemy but humans…

… Well then :wink:

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile:

the main idia remain SAVE ANIMALS !