Justice to Animals--Death of Scalia

I’m hoping now that Scalia is dead the wildlife will have more of a chance to replenish itself. He certainly was no help to the wildlife or any other animal. Being a fully knowledgeable Federal Supreme Court Judge he knew fully well the quail are another animal/fowl species almost being wiped out which was about to go on the Endangered List–and he is in Texas to quail hunt?! “knowing they were about to become extinct” (he was there to do his part to help) wipe out the very few remaining quail, etc., etc. wildlife in spite of knowing it was wrong. He made his own laws for himself and his “friends”.-----“way to go” Scalia, you helped the wildlife, in spite of yourself and your greed. Even that $1,000.00 a night room didn’t save him from “his love of killing” something that can’t fight back and wants their own life to live as much as he wanted his own life. Justice was served—at long last—Honest Justice.